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Wave Zone Skimboards

Work hard, play hard, sleep some, repeat… until you hit  landmark.  That’s when you start thinking about how you got “here” and do you like “here?”  We’ve just hit 27 years in the world of Wave Zone and, YES, we are happy with the results!   Thousands of boards sold worldwide every year, but what it really comes down to is quality boards and happy riders.

How to Choose the Right Skimboard:

Choosing the right board is a combination of body weight and skill level.


Beginners should look at weight limit as it’s the key factor to selecting the right board.  In addition the board should generally hit mid chest level (at the sternum) when it is standing up in front of the rider.


An older beginner – a 17 year old rider weighing in at 150 lbs for example – should be considering a more experienced skill level of board.  That higher level board will float the rider’s body weight and advance skill.  If a rider is over the suggested weight limit for the board it will be weighed down to the sand and will not glide.

Wave Zone Skimboards

Wave Zone Skimboards


In the surf shop of Naples Outfitters, we offer a variety of quality skim boards manufactured locally by Wave Zone Skimboards for riders from beginner to competitor!


If it’s time for you to jump off the sand, and learn to Skim, then our Skimboard Lessons are for you! Teaming up with Wave Zone Skim Boards and Hammer Traction semi-pro rider Alex Brevardwatercraft, our Skim Board Lessons will get you gliding on the water and over the waves in no time, while having tons of fun and learning an exciting sport.


Naples Outfitters and Naples Kayak Company are based just 2 miles south of downtown Naples, FL at 2360 Shadowlawn Dr, Naples, FL 34112.


Call us 230-262-6149 for more information!

Why buy from Naples Outfitters?


  • Local support
  • Knowledgeable Staff
  • We are very good at helping people select on things like height, weight, when, where and how you will use it.
  • Huge inventory of parts and accessories, including kayak fishing accessories
  • Huge selection of stock
  • FREE check and tune ups
  • Flexible DELIVERY options in the Naples and Marco Island areas
  • Options to try on the water, before you buy


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