Sea and Touring Kayaks

Sea and Touring Kayaks  Sea and Touring Kayaks  Sea and Touring Kayaks  Sea and Touring Kayaks

Sea and Touring Kayaks Naples

Naples Outfitters have Sea Kayaks and have been doing so for over ten years. We have many ACA certified instructors as our sales staff, and we are here to help you reach your full potential as a paddler. True Sea Kayaks are generally long and fairly skinny. They can have either skegs or rudders, and sometimes both. They generally require a little experience to get the most out of them which can be attained with just a lesson or two and some time in the seat. We have a variety of styles from Fast touring boats to British Style skeg boats and traditional Greenland Styles but specialize in light weight fast touring style kayaks. We have it all and can help you get pointed on the right heading. Are you a beginning or intermediate paddler ready to move up? Naples Outfitters is the place. Click here to learn more about our Advanced Kayak Lessons!


Sea and Touring Kayaks Naples: Brands and popular styles

Visit us at Naples Outfitters for more options! Located at 2360 Shadowlawn Drive, just 2 miles south of downtown Naples.

Epic KayaksAt Epic kayaks we’ve taken the principles behind high-performance racing equipment, combined them with our knowledge of racing kayaks, and adapted them to make touring style kayaks that are efficient and stable. No matter what type of paddling you do, you’ll do it better, and with less effort, using an Epic kayak!

Epic V8 Pro Performance (35 lbs)

Sea and Touring Kayaks

Length: 19’0″ (5.79 m)
Width: 19.9″ (50.5 cm)
Depth: 12.6″ (32 cm)
Capacity: 80 – 280 lbs (36 – 127 kg)


Eddyline KayaksEddyline Kayaks is a manufacturer of premier touring kayaks and paddles since 1971 with Legendary Designs by Tom Derrer. Eddyline pioneered vacuum bag and Thermoform technology making the highest quality kayaks and paddles for sea kayaking, open water, recreational kayaking and fishing in an environmentally sound manner. Eddyline is a family business, focused on quality rather than quantity. Our designs are a direct reflection of Tom Derrer’s 50+ years of paddling experience and our philosophy of constant improvement.

Eddyline Samba (43 lbs)

Sea and Touring Kayaks

Length: 13′ 8″
Width: 22.5″
Volume: 10.2 cu. ft.
Capacity: 300 lbs