Roof Racks Cargo Boxes and Trailers

Roof Racks Cargo Boxes and Trailers

In Stock Brands

Thule USA offers some of the finest base rack components as well as an assortment of saddles or carriers. We regularly stock the Hull-A-Port and Hull-A-Port Pro J Racks, the Hull-A-Vator and Xsporter truck bed rack system. Lifetime warranty on their products.

Yakima offers solid  rack systems and a great selection of carriers or saddles for them. We regularly stock the Sweetroll, Jaylow, SUP Dawg and the Rack and Roll trailer and much more. Lifetime warranty on their products.

Sea to Summit offers the Traveler Soft Pad set which has been a fantastic solution for a portable rack system than can go from car to car, perfect for rental vehicles and much more.

Suspenz offers a multitude of option for both wall and freestanding racking storage systems for kayaks and paddleboards than can go anywhere and hold anything. We stock Universal Flat racks, Jay Racks, SUP Racks and sling racks among many others from Suspenz.

Roof Racks Cargo Boxes and Trailers

Do you need to transport your Kayak, Stand Up Paddle Board or other gear? We do it all …

Why choose us?

  • We strive to have several price options
  • Twelve plus years in business
  • Top brands
  • Always FREE installation
  • We are always here if you have questions – not sure how it all went on? Come on back and we are happy to help!

We do it all right here at Naples Outfitters. We have a huge selection of in stock systems to transport your kayak, paddle board, or cargo. We are extremely experienced in figuring out a solution to meet your individual needs. We want it to work for you and we want it to be as easy as possible.

Types of Racks, Boxes and Trailers that we carry:

  • Auto Base Racks
    • Thule
    • Yakima
  • Kayak Carrying Systems
    • Thule
    • Yakima
    • Sea to Summit
  • Roof Top Storage Boxes for Cars
    • Thule
    • Yakima
  • Stand up Paddle Board Racks
    • Thule
    • Yakima
    • Sea to Summit
  • Wall storage systems and floor stands for kayaks and stand up paddle boards
  • Carts for kayaks and stand up paddle boards
  • Trailex, Rack and Roll and Continental Trailer Systems


We also have a variety of soft racks, roof pads, foam blocks, carts, load assists and locking accessories available in stock.

Roof Racks Cargo Boxes and Trailers

Free Installation is included with the purchase of a rack system. Know your components are put on correctly with trained specialists with literally thousands of vehicles worth of experience. Most base racks go on with 20-30 minutes. Most components go on in 10 minutes or less. We carry in stock the best possible options for getting your choice of hobby on your roof.

* We only install current roof rack systems from Thule and Yakima. Installation is always free for any rack purchased through Naples Outfitters. Racks purchased elsewhere is subject to standard service charge of $69.50/hour of work. Most racks go on in less than an hour. Any questions on rack fit or possible options for bikes, baskets and other rack products just let us know.

Why buy from Naples Outfitters?


  • Local support
  • Knowledgeable Staff
  • We are very good at helping people select on things like height, weight, when, where and how you will use it.
  • Huge inventory of parts and accessories, including kayak fishing accessories
  • Huge selection of stock
  • FREE check and tune ups
  • Flexible DELIVERY options in the Naples and Marco Island areas
  • Options to try on the water, before you buy


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