Kayak and Stand Up Paddleboard Paddles

Kayak and Stand Up Paddleboard Paddles

Kayak and Stand Up Paddleboard Paddles

Brands of Kayak Paddles

  • Epic Paddles
  • Werner Paddles
  • Custom Wood Traditional Greenland paddles by Jim O’Neill
  • Swift Paddle Company

Brands of Stand Up Paddle Board Paddles

  • Bic SUP
  • Quickblade
  • Werner

Epic Paddles focus on being lightweight, stiff, smooth and extremely efficient. They also feature the Epic Length Lock system allowing a 10 CM increment of adjustability as well as the option to feather your blades.  We carry the Active and Relaxed Touring paddles as well as a full assortment of the Wing Paddles in the full carbon layups. Wing paddles are most commonly paired with Surf Skis or fast touring kayaks.

Quickblade Paddles offers the cutting edge of Stand Up Paddleboard paddle design using the lightest and strongest of materials with blade shapes and sizes to meet any paddlers desires from Racing to recreation. Naples Outfitters is one the of the largest Quickblade Dealers in the South East.
Werner Paddles are handmade in Sultan Washington and are regarded as the best paddles in the world. Werner offer both kayak and SUP paddles in various material layups and blade designs. We carry a wide variety of both.

Swift Paddles made by Eddyline Kayaks offer high end composites with the added cool factor of their various print designs and colors for their blades. We offer lots of designs in a few different shaft sizes as well.

We offer custom made wooden Greenland Sticks as well by Jim O’Neill. Speak with one of our experienced staffers about getting yourself completely specked out for your own custom Jim O. Greenland stick.  Norsaqs are available upon request as well. Please email us for more information. naplesoutfitters@gmail.com

Kayak and Stand Up Paddleboard Paddles


When it comes to kayak and stand up paddle board paddles, we have the best selection around. We have all top brands at various price points. We offer a great selection of sizes, colors and materials. Most people who have paddled before already get it- the paddle is very important. If the paddler is the engine then the paddle is the transmission. Stiffness and weight are two very important factors when it comes to picking your paddle. A stiff paddle transfers more of the energy you put into your stroke into forward propulsion and low weight makes each stroke that much easier on your body. Stiff and light together make paddling as wonderful as it can be.


We are here to help! If you are unsure of exactly what you want, please e-mail or call us your Height and Weight, Type of kayak you paddle (or plan to paddle), and your paddling skill level.



Kayak and Stand Up Paddleboard Paddles

If you are unsure of which paddle is right for you, stop in the shop and discuss it with us. We have anything you could need: racing wing paddles, high angle, low angle, and recreational paddles. We paddle with and love them all, and have many high end demo paddles available for you to try before you buy.


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