Kayak and Paddle Board Service and Repair

Kayak and Paddle Board Service and Repair

Kayak and Paddle Board Service and Repair

SUP Repair/Service, Kayak Repair/Service-  At Naples Outfitters we have many seasoned pros in servicing or repairing your plastic or composite Kayak or Stand Up Paddle Board. Whether you need just a rod holder installed or a custom job all together, Naples Outfitters is your one stop shop. We have a fully equipped workshop to get the job done. Check below for just a few examples of the service we do here at the shop.

Kayak Services  or  SUP Repairs  are $69.50 per hour with most jobs being in the 1 to 2 hour range tops. Send us an e-mail or give us a call at (239) 262-6149 to discuss your project to get a full quote on whatever you are looking for.

FREE Consultations: If you are confident in your handy-man skills and want to tackle your project yourself, we are more than glad to give you pointers and discuss with you the details on the proper way to complete your task. We also sell DIY repair kits for your paddle board or kayak, which includes all the materials needed for most projects.

Kayak and Paddle Board Service and Repair Advice

Things to avoid to keep your new board/kayak in great condition:
* Leaving your board on the roof of the car for extended periods in direct sunlight or on hot days.
* Board bags actually make things worse – they help ‘cook’ your board.
* Leaving your board in the car also helps to ‘cook’ it.
* Radiant heat through windows is your worst enemy.
* Bubble wrap is like a thousand magnifying lasses trying to destroy your board
* If you have a black or dark grip – flip the board over on the beach or put it in the shade.
* The lighter the construction, the weaker the skin, the more likely your board can be heat damaged.
* The darker the color (Red, Blue etc) the quicker your board will heat up.

The simplest rule is treat your board or boat like you would your favorite pet or small child. Doing so, you will have a long and happy life together! However, in the event you do have an accident, Naples Outfitters is the place to get your board or kayak fixed!


  • Anchor Trolley
  • Custom Track and Rail Installs
  • Fish Finders
  • Flush Mounted Rod Holder
  • Hobie Accessories
  • Micro Power Pole Systems
  • Raised and Rail Mount Rod Holders
  • Ram and Scotty Accessory Mounts
  • Rudders


  • Ding and Scratch Repair on Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP Repair)
  • Ding on and Scratch Repairs on Composite Kayaks
  • Plastic Welding for Cracked Kayaks or Paddle Boards
  • Rudder Lines and Rudder Servicing
  • Mirage Drive Tune Ups
  • Handle, Hatch, Deck Line and Bungee Replacements
  • etc……..

Kayak and Paddle Board Service and Repair Estimates:

  • Surface Scratches
    • First Scratch: $75
    • $45 each additional scratch
  • Cracks through the Outer Shell
    • First Crack: $100
    • $65 each additional crack
  • Foam Damage or Large Chip in Shell
    • First Chip: $125
    • $75 each additional chip

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