Bote Board

Founded in 2009 by Magda and Corey Cooper, BOTE’s roots were very modest. BOTE literally grew from the simple concept of developing a stand-up paddle board that is designed to be fished from-a board that would justly serve fisherman, surfers and paddle enthusiasts alike. BOTE recognizes that most US coastlines and inland areas have not been exposed to stand-up paddle boarding because it is a relatively new sport in the mainland US and most paddle board companies focus their marketing efforts towards the already established surfing and paddle boarding cultures. Conversely, most coastal and inland areas have strong fishing cultures. BOTE’s ability to meet the needs of both paddle surfing and fishing cultures has bridged the gap and advanced the next evolution of the paddle board.

Check out the following Bote Boards that we have in stock and come in to see our rigged for fishing Bote HD with Yetti cooler and standing bar.


Boat Board SUP

Bote Board

Designed to be the most versatile watercraft on the market, BOTE is a stand-up paddle board (SUP) that redefines the way people fish, paddle and surf. A SUP is no longer just a blank board, the BOTE SUP can be accessorized like no other. Rod holders, drink holders, paddle clips, coolers and more can all be installed on the BOTE within seconds.


Boat Board HD

Boat Board HD

The 12′ BOTE HD is the next evolution in fishing paddle boards with an industry first ‘Hybrid Displacement’ hull. This new hull is a hybrid between our surf style hull and our racing hull with “V” nose entry. By combining these two hull designs we have achieved a surf style board which slices through the water with the silence and speed of a race board allowing you to get to the fishing spot faster and more silent than ever before.


Boat Flood SUP

Boat Flood

The 10 foot 6 inch Flood paddle board is the most fun board in our arsenal. Smaller and lighter than the original BOTE paddle board, the Flood packs a lot of fun into a small package. Great for surfing and paddling, the Flood SUP is more maneuverable, easier to carry and just what you need to get on the water and have some fun. So what are you waiting for?


Bote Wraith Tour SUP

Bote Wraith Tour

At the heart of the 12 foot 6 inch Wraith Tour paddle board is a design built for speed wrapped in a durable and stylish exterior unmatched by any other displacement hull SUP. Though not as quick or light as the Wraith SS, the Wraith Tour features many of the same design features-“V” nose entry, streamlined profile and rocker shape. Great for cruising or training, the Wraith Tour was created for paddlers looking to enter the displacement hull class SUP while retaining the durability and stability of a traditional surf-style SUP.